Top 3 Hair Building Fibers Review – Febron Vs Toppik Vs Coboki

Hair loss is a common problem these days that impacts the lifestyle of both youngsters as well as adults. No matter how hard you try, it is pretty usual for you to end up unclogging your shower drain which is probably the last thing that you wanted. Dozens of products are available in the market that claim they will get your hairs back within a week or let’s say a month. Nevertheless, to some extent, neither of them would stand the test of time in the long run.

However it seems that the days of difficulty are over and getting a healthier scalp filled with thicker hairs isn’t as tedious as it was once. If you are still trying out your regular products, just don’t expect quicker results. But, if you are stepping out of your house and need your hair to look a bit healthier, there are some awesome products available in the market.

It has never been easier in the history to hide your bald areas in an instant. Yes, you heard it right!
Hair building  fibers can get it done for you very quick!

Before we get ahead let’s find out


You apply the fibers by sprinkling them over head areas that are thinning. Tap them down on your scalp using fingers. These fibers adhere to your existing hair and can be “settled” by applying hair spray. Thus, the hair fibers will bind to the individual hair shafts, making each strand appear thicker in size.

Now let’s have a look at the comparison chart that includes the top three brands that sell hair building fiber .

Here is a deep analyses of the best hair building fibers in the market to help you decide what’s
the most suitable for you!







Available in 9 Colors Yes Yes Yes
Hypoallergenic Yes Yes Yes
Instant Results in 30 Sec Yes No No
Static Electricity Very Strong Strong Medium Strong
Fiber Thickness Very Slim Slim Medium Slim
Huge Money Savings  Up to 45% off Up to 10% off Up to 45% off
Autoship Option Yes Yes Yes
Free Shipping On All Orders Yes Yes Yes
changing colors with sun No Yes Yes
Lighter On Your Hair The Lightest Medium Heavy
Preservatives No Yes Yes
Bactericide No Yes Yes
Price 28gm-0.98oz  34.95$ 27.5 gm-0.97oz  46.95$ 30gm-1.06


Score : 9.0

Febron tops the list of hair building fibers with its ability to provide you with a natural looking scalp very fast of its application. The product is available in nine shades, and the colors can be mixed as needed to create custom color blends.

Wash your scalp and gently sprinkle the fibers to the areas that are bald. Febron fibers are completely hypoallergenic and very safe to use unlike other synthetic dyes or products containing animal content.

Febron hair building fibers are made up of colored keratin protein that our natural hairs are made of. These fibers create a strong bond with your hair strands to easily withstand wind, rain and sweat. Once you apply the fibers to your hairs, they are hard to remove by any means unless you shampoo your scalp next time.

In addition to their hair filler fibers, the comprehensive list of Febron products include fiberhold spray, hairline optimizer, scalp treatment shampoo and the hair loss capsules. All of these products can be bought by visiting the official website of Febron.

A 30 days money back guarantee is applicable to all products that are in the Febron’s store.

My Conclusion :
– looks completely natural
– didn’t feel anything on my head so that’s great
– didn’t come off when I swam and played basketball
– Not pricey at all compares to
Toppik but the same as Caboki : 34.95$ for 28gm-0.98oz

Score : 8.5

Toppik is another brand of hair building fibers, that has its own set of qualities and attributes. It also comes in nine shades, which can be mixed together to create a perfect hair color that you want.

Toppik is composed of natural keratin derived from wool. Likewise its counterparts, Toppik hair building fibers cling to your hairs, thus creating a strong bond. The manufacturers of Toppik also provide a dedicated spray that strengthens the bonds between fibers and the hairs.

Toppik carries a broad range of products to volumize, nourish and thicken your hair, and as a consequence, you can have a healthy scalp in a completely natural way.

Toppik also has a policy of 30 days money back guarantee which is applicable to all its products.

My Conclusion :
– Looks completely natural
but in sun light people told me it looks like dots
– Felt the fibers on my head but I could live with that
– Didn’t come off when I swam and played basketball
– A bit pricey : 46.95$ for 27.5gm-0.97oz

Score : 8.25

Coboki is the next favorite among the hair building fiber users. Nine different shades are available in Coboki that can be combined to create an altogether different blend. Coboki is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions to your skin.

Made from a Moroccan cotton plant called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, the manufacturers of Coboki claim that it’s a safe and all natural way to hide your baldness.  The fibers create strong bonds with your hair/scalp which are difficult to blow off, or brush out.

Likewise the other two equivalents of it, a 30 days money back policy followed by Coboki can help shoppers purchase the right product.

My Conclusion :
– Looks completely natural but a bit less in sun light
– Felt the fibers on my head but i can live with that
– Didn’t come off when i did swimming and basketball
– The price : 34.95$ for 30gm-1.06

How Helpful It Could Be to Use Hair Building Fibers on Your Scalp?

A lot of positive reviews that explain a great satisfaction ensure that it’s a completely safe phenomenon that works in nearly all cases. However you can’t grow your natural hairs using them, they do an excellent job in moderate hair loss and restore you back to your former appearance. They are typically used in conjunction with shampoos or other hair products with no side-effects.

In short, all of those who want to restore their natural look without emptying the pocket, hair building fibers can give them the answer that they want!

Disclaimer: individual results may very