Although the trend of going bald has recently being popularized by a few male celebrities, we can’t possibly deny the fact that the average man looks better with hair on him. If anything, most men care more about their hair than they would love to admit. At the end of the day, nobody wishes for a receding hairline or a thinning scalp. Which, of course, leads us to an age-old question that seems to bother more men by the day; how can you grow or keep the hair that you have at the moment?

Well, there are several approaches to this. But here is a quick primer on the best of them.

1. Mind the Food that You Take

Contrary to what most people think, your diet has an important contribution to the overall health of your hair. And here’s some of the ingredients that you ought to incorporate to your dietary habits to keep that crown of glory on your head.

i. Salmon and Oysters – These two are rich in hair supporters such as protein and vitamin D. They are also laden with extras such as omega-3 fatty acids that promote hair growth and staves off premature balding by keeping your scalp rejuvenated and healthy.

ii. Sweet Potatoes and Eggs – While eggs are an exceptional source of omega 3s, sweet potatoes have beta carotene and Vitamin A. Combining this two mean that you will boast of shiny, vibrant-looking hair as well as a healthy scalp underneath.

2. Mental Tips

As with anything else, the level of your mental energy has a significant role to play in your hair’s health. It has been proven time and again that regular meditation and yoga can not only restrict premature baldness in men but also improve blood circulation under the scalp which translates directly to healthy hair.

3. Top Anti-Hairloss Treatments

Sometimes, due to factors beyond our control – such as genetics or health complications, simply changing your diet or enrolling in a yoga class might not be enough to keep your hairline from receding. This is where top anti hair loss treatments come to play. This includes but not limited to;

i. Using Hair Loss Concealers

A typical example is Febron hair fibers which can be used to cover up the thinning parts of your scalp. In other words, instead of trying to grow back your thinning hair, you can lessen the negative impact that it has your looks by filling out the balding areas with specially-created fibers that resemble your real hair.

ii. Bio Hair Treatment

It is also possible to treat or reverse balding by applying extensive bio hair treatment techniques. Speaking of which, here is a classical example
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iii. Using Anti-Hairloss Pills and Supplements

Science and medicine have also made significant strides as far as tackling the issue of men’s hair loss is concerned. Now, they are more than a handful of useful hair loss supplements geared specifically to balding men in their 50s, 40s or even 30s. For instance, Finasteride supplements ( which includes Propecia and Proscar ) are used by hundreds of thousands of men around the globe to stop or just slow the progression of premature balding.