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Month: September 2016

Looks 21 Hair Building Fiber Review; Does It Really Work?

Looks 21 Hair Building Fiber is a hair loss product which is made from all natural fibers, and is safe even for those with Looks 21 Hair Building Fibersensitive scalp. It’s free of preservatives and synthetic dye fillers, and can cover the bald spots and thinning areas, giving you much fuller and thicker hair, in a short time.

Some of the features of Looks21 Hair Building Fiber include;
-It’s an innovative and cost effective solution to hair loss.
-It’s a safe option for instantly making your hair look thicker and fuller.
-100% pure, all natural and free of the synthetic dye fillers and animal derivatives.
-It’s undetectable.
-It removes easily with shampoos.
-Lasts all day and all night, and can withstand sweat, wind, and rain.
-Does not stain or smear your clothing or skin
-Works for both women and men

Looks21 Hair Building Fiber is made from 2 key ingredients;
-Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum fiber; Also called Levant cotton, the Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum is a plant which only grows in Morocco’s arid regions. The fibers from the plant have optical properties which are similar to the natural human hair. The Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum fibers are normally negatively charged, while the human hair is usually positively charged. Thus, the Looks21 fibers bond to the human hair 200% much stronger than other regular types of hair building fibers; this is 1 of the main reasons why the Looks 21 Hair Building Fiber gives users that all natural look.

– Natural Mineral Based Colorants; Virgin Gossypium Herbaceum fibers are grayish white. These fibers are normally          dyed into various different colors so as to match the human hair colors. Because of the micro structure of the                       Gossypium Herbaceum, its’ fiber can be dyed using the mineral based colorants.

Benefits of Using Looks 21 Hair Building Fiber
– This hair building fiber stays in place for a long time, and gives you natural looking hair til the next time you decide to        shampoo your hair.
– It’s an effective and natural solution for hair loss and is recommended by hairdressers and hair transplant surgeons.
– You can purchase Looks 21 Hair Building Fiber according to your hair color or choice.
– Helps in eliminating bald spots and/or appearance of the thinning hair.
– It gives a natural look because it’s undetectable.
– It has the ability to resist wind, and rain.
– It’s durable yet it can easily be removed with shampoo.

To apply Looks21 Hair Building Fibers, you simply need to sprinkle it over the thinning areas or the balding spots. In just a few seconds, the fibers will automatically cling to the natural hair. They get magnetized with static electricity, bond securely, and you hair thickens thus eliminating bald spots and/or thinning hair. If you have thinning hair or bald spots, you should consider getting the Looks 21 Hair Building Fiber.

Our Recommendation:
We didn’t like the fact that the magnetic charge wasn’t strong at all and some fibers fell from the scalp
so unfortunately we can’t speak highly about this product.

A Detailed Review of KeraFiber

KeraFiber is a natural and organic keratin protein that eliminates bald spots as well as the appearance of thinning hair. kerafiberThere’s a wide range of KeraFiber hair products designed to eliminate the appearance hair thinning, giving your scalp and hair a fresh look whilst remaining unnoticeable and resilient to the effects of weather conditions. This KeraFiber review will walk you through everything you needed to know about the product.

Does it really work?

Whether your baldness is as a result of chemotherapy treatments, or previous mistreatment of your hair, KeraFiber offers a solution to your thinning hair. KeraFiber has already benefited hundreds of thousands of people across the world and you too can benefit. KeraFiber hair building fibers, the primary product bonds with the natural hair to give it thicker and fuller appearance.

How does it work?

As stated, the primary product in the range is KeraFiber hair building fibers. These fibres bear a strong resemblance to the natural hair. These fibers are charged with static electricity so they can adhere to your existing hair to give it a confidence-boosting look. This means you won’t have any embarrassing moments. When the fibers are set in place, rest assured that they won’t come off with normal hair pat or with perspiration.

What are the fibers made of?

KeraFiber hair building fibers are made up of organic, natural keratin protein, exactly the same protein from which your hair is made up of. In order to intertwine well with your own hair and bond safely, the fibres are charged with static electricity. This electricity means that they intertwine with hair to create a look that will last for a few days.

Is KeraFiber safe?

A simple answer to this question is, yes. As mentioned, KeraFiber fibers are natural and organic since they are made up of natural keratin protein. This simply means that there is no risk at all should you opt to give it a try. KeraFiber fibers are also recommended for use by leading hair loss experts after undergoing hair transplant surgery as a means of reviving and rebuilding areas of thinning hair.

Bottom line:

We think the product is effective but not amazing given the fact that it’s pricey compares to other
fibers out there (for example: for 28gm kerafiber is 44.95 and Febron 28gm is 34.95) and doesn’t feel
comfortable on your head due to the heavy fibers.

Viviscal Hair Fibers – Do They Really Deliver A Head Full of Hair?

Viviscal Hair Fibers contain electrostatic-charged, microscopic fibers which bond onto the hair to create a ‘voluminous’ viviscalappearance. Now, going by the manufacturer’s description, each single strand or fiber is coated with an electrostatic coating, which, in return, binds it to the hair shaft/upper follicle and thus leaving behind a full-looking and healthy head of hair. All this can be achieved in less than a minute, giving you a natural looking, undetectable appearance of thick, glossy hair.

Features of the Viviscal Hair Fill-in Fibers

It is imperative to note that these are fill-in fibers and not your usual human hair implants. The product is thus designed to instantly volumize ( or make look bigger ) the appearance of one’s hair. For this reason, it is mostly recommended for people with thinning hair and not completely bald spots.

Ease of Use/ Functionality

As far as the manufacturer directives go, Viviscal Hair Fibers can be used by both women and men, regardless of their hair texture and color. Nonetheless, you will obviously need to purchase fibers whose shade and color closely resembles your natural hair. Speaking of which, for the more eccentric types, you can blend more a single color with your already existing hair to come up with a new unique shade.

Aside from this, Viviscal Hair Fillers and Concealers are well-known for being extremely easy to apply. You will only need to tap it on and you can be ready to step out in less than a few minutes. If this sounds like something that you would wish to try, then you will be pleased to know that Viviscal Fibers can withstand a moderate amount of rain, sweltering heat and wind. However, the fibres will wash out easily if drenched with shampoo water.

How Does It Work?

The product is designed to work best with dry hair, so make sure that your scalp is not wet. After this, gently stroke the scalp to scatter the strands evenly. Now at this juncture, it is useful to note that each strand and fiber has a special electrostatic coating that instantly rubs and binds onto your hair shaft. This in return gives out the appearance or illusion of a greater hair density thus bringing out that coveted thick fuller-looking head of healthy hair.

Our opinion about it:
Over all Viviscal is a good product but not the best out there !
The issues we had with that is that the fibers weren’t strong enough on the hair
and it didn’t look natural under the sun but overall covered the area well

Febron Hair Loss shampoos Treatment Review

Keeping the scalp well moisturized and well protected from the aggressive pollutants in the environment maintains thefebron shampoo treatment hair at the right texture and complexion. The need to promote healthily, attractive hair inspired the development of the ultimate weapon against dry scalps, Febron scalp treatment shampoo. A febron hair loss shampoo review revealed that the shampoo ensures a thorough clean up and protects pores from blockage while reducing the fat mass on the scalp at the same time

The shampoo comprises fibers for hair building which contain high-grade natural keratin which is the secret behind the shampoo’s ability to enhance stimulation of follicle performance. Unlike other standard shampoos, the keratin has been extracted from natural wool sources which are almost similar to human hair. These fibers have a static charge that makes them adhere to every hair type. The static charge also helps them withstand high winds, rains or any form of perspiration.

Risks involved
Like in most of other shampoos, the fragrance used has chemicals that might cause rashes or headaches. A propylene used can also cause allergic reactions while other synthetic chemicals also disrupt hormonal activities. Might also inhibit neuron activity or keep them from communicating at all. Long usage might also result to kidney or liver cancer. Asthma attacks are also a probable consequence in some users.

Benefits of the products
• The shampoo contains free radicle scavengers and powerful antioxidants which keep the scalp protected from aggressive environmental pollutants.
• The shampoo has been enriched with other additives like vitamins, hydrochloric acid, argan oil, evening primrose oil, and glycerin important for a healthy scalp.
• These condiments are formulated in a way to combat dandruff conditions, dry and itchy scalps on an immediate effect.
• The shampoo is specially made to care and protect delicate and fragile hairs. It is developed in a precise formula that upsurges the volume and maintainability of the hair leaving it looking richer, healthier and fuller.
Another secret to keeping your hair flourishing and maintaining that sleek look on your head has been discovered and is now here for you to give it a try, the pure volume shampoo.
• This shampoo can address specific defies of color treated and fine hairs which can be attributed to the increased and long lasting hair volumes.
• It guarantees the removal of oil buildups and scams that might be weighing the hair down. The shampoo esteems fine and weakened hairs and is therefore very gentle on the cleansing mechanism it uses.
• Locks in agents for conditioning for a longer last of softness after it has raised the hair roots and thickened each hair strand.
• On top of the refreshing sensation that comes with the use of this shampoo, it also evens the hair surface minimizing breakage caused by tangling of hairs.

A febron hair loss shampoos review also unveiled the features of these shampoos which ultimately give the desired care and strength to the hair fibers to maintain that hair that will have all your friends asking for your salon if not the secret to your flourish outstanding hair. The shampoo can, therefore, be certified as the ideal tool for the perfect hair maintenance and is available at a pocket-friendly price.