What is Rogaine for hair loss?

Rogaine is an extremely popular solution to hair loss which facilitates hair growth through hyperpolarization of the cell
membranes. Rogaine is effective for both men and women which has made the product’s use for hair loss treatment well known and wide spread. It is therefore very important to know whether it really cures hair loss. How does Rogaine work? Does it offer good results? What are the benefits? Does it have any side effects or risks? The following discussion provides detailed answers to these questions.

How does it work?

By applying Rogaine, its active ingredient called Minoxidil penetrates the scalp. You will then start shedding the thin and older hairs. The hair loss might increase in the first two weeks of usage. It is however expected and temporary and it shows that the old hairs are shedding while the new ones begin to grow. Minoxidil then reactivates the follicles and lengthens the growth phase of the hair which allows for the regrowth of thicker hair. Over the beginning few months of usage, Rogaine works and even if no new hair is seen, it may be because early re-growing hair is colorless and soft. After about 4 months of twice daily usage, thicker‐looking hair will be observed. It is recommended to continue using the Rogaine to maintain the great results.

Benefits of Rogaine

· Rogaine has the following great benefits which make entirely worth a purchase;

· Rogaine increases the blood flow to the area where it has been applied hence its wide use in high blood pressure treatment.

· Applying the supplement directly on to the head may cause hair growth on balding regions.

· It has been proven clinically to slow the hair loss progression and also regrow hair.

· Rogaine’s active ingredient; Minoxidil works to reinvigorate the shrunken hair follicles. This increases hair size which helps in re-growing thicker hair after a relatively longer period of use.

· Rogaine is among the few FDA-approved products for hair regrowth.

· It works to influence hair growth via hyperpolarization of the cell membranes.

· It is over-the-counter; there is no need of prescription from a doctor.

· Very effective, more especially for the young men.

Does it do the job?

Minoxidil, which is an active ingredient in Rogaine, has been proven clinically to slow hair loss progression and to also facilitate regrowth of hair. The product is therefore effective, though it does not function by dealing with the hormonal cause of hair loss. Many experts also see the product as a drug that is marginally effective in combating hair loss; Since Minoxidil lacks effect on the hair loss hormonal process.

Are there any risks or side effects involved?

Rogaine has been discovered to have a side effect. People who take this treatment tend to grow hair in least expected places like on the cheeks and at the back of the hands. Some people may have hair growing on foreheads.