Castor Oil For Hair Growth- Fact Or Fantasy?


There is probably nothing as frustrating as premature hair loss for a woman. Whether you lose it due to poor hair care castor oilpractices or stress, you need to find a way to grow it back as soon as possible and prevent recurrence. The problem is that the internet is riddled with all forms of solutions and hair care practices promising fast hair growth. Castor oil for hair growth is a result that will come up quite a few times when you make an online search. Below is a review on the product. By the time we are done, you should be able to make an informed decision for yourself.

How Does Castor Oil Work?

Castor oil has many applications. When it comes to its use in hair growth however, it is the Ricinoleic acid specifically that does the trick. It works in two ways. The first is by promoting circulation to the area of application. Increased blood supply means increased nourishment of cells around the hair follicle. This leads to increased cell division and as a result formation of new follicles as well as increased length and strength of existing ones. The final result is longer and more voluminous hair.

The Ricinoleic acid also works by stabilizing the pH on the scalp. This prevents formation of dandruff. It also promotes sebum production which keeps the hair shafts moist and prevents breakage common with dry hair.

8 Benefits Of Using Castor Oil

1. It is easy to use on your own and needs no training or special skills.

2. It is mild on the skin and scalp.

3. It conditions hair keeping the hair moisture locked in for a glossy appearance and to prevent breakage.

4. Castor oil has many other functions including skin care and gut decongestion.

5. It is much cheaper than most other hair care products.

6. It has no side effects and no common allergens.

7. Castor oil for hair prevents dandruff and lice.

8. It can be mixed with other essential oils such as coconut and jojoba for better results.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Castor oil is a natural product and is therefore safer for use than most hair growth products in the market. However, there are a few cases of skin reactions and irritation after use. If you notice anything unusual, stop using the oil immediately and get professional help. Other than that, all you have to deal with is the less than pleasant smell and the thick consistency.

So, Does It Really Work?

With all the research and testimonials on castor oil for hair growth, there is no denying that it works. However, you need to make a few changes in your lifestyle in order for it to work. The first thing to do is to eat healthy, stay active and avoid stress. The second thing is to treat your hair nicely. Don’t use harsh products and don’t pull at it, or tie it too tight. Follow these tips and the castor oil will most likely work like a charm in no time.