So you’re thinking about using hair loss concealer to hide your Thinning hair right ?! Well you’ve come to the right place to help you decide what to consider before getting one !
Hair loss is a common problem with nearly all men and women these days. You are lucky if you haven’t yet noticed any signs of hair loss, however, it is pretty usual for many of us to experience hair loss. The real struggle begins when the problem of thinning hair becomes a reason for your hair style limitations in your social life or insecurities at work and you realize that you can’t take up the pain, not anymore!

Studies conducted that nearly 40% of women have experienced hair loss between the ages of 50-60 years old. Furthermore, the American Hair Loss Association has found that about 25% of men start seeing the hair loss signs as early as in their teenage. At least, you are not alone! Looking at the problem of hair loss spreading across the country, several hair loss solutions have been built that either didn’t work or were so expensive that no-one liked to spend their money on them.

However, for the first time in the history, hair loss concealer , a product that can hide your bald areas, have worked for many of those who consistently suffered from hair loss in the past years. If you’ve ever been in a situation of moderate hair loss and you felt low that you aren’t complete, you should know that hair loss concealer is a great affordable solution for you.


The whole idea is to conceal your bald spots using fibers that stick to your hair strands, to provide you with a nourishing scalp with thicker hairs that looks pretty much like the natural one (depends on the fibers quality).


Let’s have a look at the TOP 3 brands of the best hair loss concealers that are the most popular these days.

A NOTE: AFTER TRYING ALL OF THEM MYSELF ( OBVIOUSLY )  and made allot of research on the subject, I’ve managed for you a very deep comparison chart to help you before choosing your best option to use.





Available in 9 Colors Yes Yes Yes
Hypoallergenic Yes Yes Yes
Instant Results in 30 Sec Yes No No
Static Electricity Very Strong Strong Medium Strong
Fiber Thickness Very Slim Slim Medium Slim
Huge Money Savings  Up to 45% off Up to 10% off Up to 45% off
Autoship Option Not yet Yes Yes
Free Shipping On All Orders Yes Yes Yes
changing colors with sun No Yes Yes
Lighter On Your Hair The Lightest Medium Heavy
Preservatives No Yes Yes
Bactericide No Yes Yes
Price 30gm-1.06oz  32.95$ 27.5 gm-0.97oz  46.95$ 30gm-1.06
Contains Silica No Yes Yes
  1. Febron Hair Loss Concealer Fibers

Designed by Febron, this product is on the top of the list. The Febron hair loss concealer fibers are available in 9 colors that can be combined together to produce your favorite hair color. As mentioned on the Febron’s official website, this bald spot concealer starts to show its effect within 30 seconds of its application.

It is an all natural formula, made up of colored keratin protein that blend undetectably with your existing hair to provide you with a natural looking and full head of hair. The fibers cling to your hair strands creating a very strong bond which can easily withstand wind, rain and sweat. The product is completely hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause any harm to your skin. You can wash it anytime you want by applying a shampoo.

Some of the other hair products available on the Febron’s store include Hairline Optimizer,Fiberhold Spray, Scalp Treatment Shampoo and the Hair Loss Capsules. All of these products feature a 30 days money back guarantee.
I liked the results very much it felt like i have nothing on my hair didn’t change colors under the sun and lasted me for almost 2,5 months.

  1. Toppik Hair Loss Concealer Fibers

Next in the list is Toppik hair loss concealer fibers. Nine different colors can be found in Toppik that can be mixed together to find a perfect blend that you want. Unlike the one mentioned above, Toppik however doesn’t offer a guarantee to produce results in 30 secs. Nevertheless, within minutes you will be able to cover your baldness using this particular bald spot concealer.

Made of keratin protein derived from wool, the product is free from any potential side-effects and can be applied gently in the thinning areas of your scalp. Simply wash your hairs and apply it on your bald spots. For best results, you can use a fiberhold spray to strengthen the bonds between the fibers and the hair strands.
I liked the results but it’s kind of pricey 46.95$ and lasted me for 1.5 months only.

  1. Coboki Hair Loss Concealer Fibers

Made from a plant called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, the Coboki hair loss concealer, likewise the other two equivalents, is available in nine different colors that can be blended together to produce your ideal hair color. The product is equally effective for all types of hair loss and works for both men and women like the other two counterparts of it.

It covers your baldness in such a way that it would be difficult for anyone to guess that you are suffering from thinning of hairs. Although the product has no side-effects, it is good to wash your hairs within 10-12 hours of using this product so as to maintain the ventilation through your hairs.
another good product and the  price is good though i didn’t like when it changed colors when i was under the sun and didn’t look so good there.. but also a good product and covered my area well.

Will Hair Loss Concealer Powder Work For You?

You can find plentiful reviews from the customers that are likely explaining the positive effects of hair loss concealer. It works in most cases unless you’re completely bald, however, you can’t reproduce your natural hairs using this. It is an all natural phenomenon that is difficult to be copied by anything else. In most cases, a manufacturer may suggest you to use a hair spray or other hair products to augment the effect of fibres. Believe me, try this products and you won’t  be disappointed at all!

Good luck 🙂